[READY STOCK] Outcovers KN95 in Kid Teal

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KN95 Filters Clear filters

This Outcovers Silicone Mask Set with 10, 30 or 60 KN95 Filters is good for 20-120 days.

*PRO TIP: Our kid size can fit adults with small faces!

1 Silicone Mask
Choose No. of KN95 Filters below:
10 KN95 Filters (PHP 499) 30 KN95 Filters (PHP 699) for 60 days or 60 KN95 Filters for 120 Days (PHP 899 - BEST SELLER!)
2 Filter Brackets

Each filter can last up to 48 hours of usage time.

Our Outcovers masks is a general purpose mask, and provides general purpose-protection.  Our masks are made with FDA approved silicone and have also passed the Fire & Water test.  The KN95 Mask set has a 3-Layer protection which ensures the filtration of 95% of airborne particles.

Kids below 4 years old are not advisable to wear masks according to Pediatric CPG guidelines. This can be a choking hazard. For babies, it best to keep them home whenever possible.

Cleaning options: Hand wash with soap and hot water.

*Outcovers is not a medical device manufacturer.

*Due to circumstances, all mask purchases are final.

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