[READY STOCK] Outcovers KN95 LUXE from ₱699.00

This Outcovers LUXE Silicone Mask is our newest, and upgraded version of our KN95 mask.  ATTENTION: LUXE MASK IN MIDNIGHT IS SOLD OUT! This mask has a dual filtration system - our washable and reusable HEPA Filter can last up to 2-3 months (must be soaked and washed with sterilizing liquid at least once or twice a week depending on exposure) and our KN95 filters that can be used up to 48 hours (but must be thrown away immediately after reaching max usage). Replaceable HEPA filters will be available for purchase soon.  CONTENTS:1 LUXE Silicone Mask1 Washable & Reusable HEPA Filter 2 Ear Straps Choose No. of KN95 Filters below:10 KN95 Filters (PHP 899, 30 KN95 Filters (PHP 1,099) for 60 days or 60 KN95 Filters for 120 Days (PHP 1,299 - BEST SELLER!)Each KN95 filter can last up to 48 hours of usage time.Our Outcovers masks is a general purpose mask, and provides general purpose-protection.  Our masks are made with FDA approved silicone and have also passed the Fire & Water test.  The KN95 Mask set has a 4-Layer protection which ensures the filtration of 95% of airborne particles. Cleaning options: Hand wash with soap and hot water.*Outcovers is not a medical device manufacturer.*Due to circumstances, all mask purchases are final.

[READY STOCK] HEPA Filter from ₱199.00

Our HEPA four-layer filtration can effectively block pollution of up to 99.5% filtration efficiency and can filter 90% of particles larger than 5μm. This is reusable and washable for up to 3 months (depending on the quality of your environment but best replaced every 2 months), but must be washed and disinfected weekly. It can be soaked with any mild sterilizing liquid.  You can buy 1 or a 3 PC pack of our HEPA Filter.  This can only be used in our Outcovers LUXE edition. This can be used best with our KN95 filter for the ultimate filtration and safety.